Coloring agents can be included with the transparent resins in the molding process to visualize coloration internally and externally.
Vacuum injection molding is an easy and inexpensive process for directly replicating prototypes. First, an impression of the prototype is made in a silicone rubber mold. Two liquid resins such as urethane and epoxy are injected into the mold, where their chemical interaction results in hardening. After the resins cure, the molded product is complete, very similar to the original.
Vacuum injection molding is especially useful in scenarios such as the following:
・When you need multiple test models during the design stage to test different colors.
・When you need a number of identical samples for display at retail stores.
・When you need extra exterior frames to test internal mounting.
Features of vacuum injection molds
1. Uniform small lots are produced quickly and inexpensively.
2. Internal ribs and joints can be integrally molded for verification in the actual design stage.
3. The integrated molding provides a model structurally similar to the real product, so strength and other characteristics can be tested.
Features such as these make vacuum injection a superior choice in the design and prototyping stages of internal and external plastic components.
Not finding commercially available molding equipment adequate for superior quality, Taisei.Monac has developed and manufactured its own molding devices, dramatically reducing the bubbles generated in the molding process. Less time is therefore required in post-molding finishing, decreasing costs and turnaround time.
The Taisei.Monac molding process produces products nearly bubble-free, so that even transparent products have a beautiful finish. Additionally, the coatings we provide are one more reason clients love our products.
Our molded plastics are made with heat resistant resins with physical properties comparable to ABS (acrylonitrile butadiene styrene), PP (polypropylene), clear acrylic and rubber(Equivalent). From small items to those as large as 590*160*1000 mm, 400*400*600 mm, Taisei.Monac provides a wide range to meet the needs of our clients.
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